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A Classic Single from Eric Sleeper

A new single release from Eric Sleeper delivers a blend of classic rock with some punk undertones at times but it comes through with this smooth and chill kind of attitude that gives the song an extra swagger and really lets it combine this sort of color with edginess and with all of that comes a great character that you end up sort of latching on to.

"Lotto" takes elements of everything from grunge, hard rock, classic rock, and so much more and rolls it all up into one track and with that, you can kind of hear these influences shining through but what grabs at you is the vocal approach and this classic chord progression that just feels good to listen to along with extra guitar parts that build on that edginess a little bit more.

This is such a cool song and I think it's that character that's addictive about it, and when you listen to this track you immediately want to hear more from the artist which is a good thing because he does indeed have releases on Spotify in the form of singles and each one feels personal but a little bit different every time.

When I say character, what I mean is that the track is delivered with a certain kind of persona and attitude to it, but it also has to do with the honesty that's displayed throughout the track if you listen.

This song in particular gets very descriptive and can be taken as a pretty personal track and those things in combination is what make a song have a certain kind of vibe or persona to it.

The song is super addicting and in a way it's sort of nostalgic because of how he brings in those influences I mentioned earlier and kind of pays homage to some of those during this song.

But there's also something about it that makes it feel like it could have served as part of the soundtrack of a certain chapter in your own life and this is great because that's quite a rarity these days.

He's able to nail this sort of classic and almost vintage aesthetic in his songwriting and he puts out these songs that are ever-changing.

If you go back and listen to some of his previous tracks, you get a bit of a different vibe together.

Some of those are cleaner, flowing, and almost dreamy at times whereas this track focuses on a more harder rock feel but it's not really super hard-hitting, it still has this subtlety to it that lets him stay in that character.

This was extremely well done, and I feel like the mix is perfect.

Now, I like to talk about this because no one else does. When it comes to a mix of a song like this, it's got a really be done right for the aesthetic to come through properly, and as far as I've read and can tell, Eric Sleeper does all of that himself at home studio so just try to imagine bringing a song from a vision to fruition, and then actually mixing it down to sound exactly the way it was in your head or as close to it as possible.

This was a banger of a track that displayed a great presence as an artist, it showed that he's able to take a sort of minimalistic style of songwriting and give it an aesthetic that feels like something you've been listening to for years, and it's got honesty.

I will certainly be paying attention to whatever else Eric Sleeper has coming up next and I hope the wait is not too long because this track was awesome.

Take a listen to it and turn it nice and loud so you can catch all the vibes and color coming from it, and remember where you heard it first.

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