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A Brilliant Cover From Sam Slick

The latest single from Sam Slick is an outstanding cover of an ABBA classic and with it comes a new approach to the track that manages to feel quite classic but in a little bit of a different way.

The track is "SOS" and for those of you that don't know it it was a semi-popular track back in the day but I'm not sure if it's really been covered by too many people.

So for Sam to give his take on the song was something delightful to hear because in order to pull this off you have to have a real love for the original because that's what you're thinking about the entire time.

When you do a cover song especially of a legendary band you don't want to go without paying homage to that properly.

Think of it like making a mixtape or I guess a playlist it would be now, for someone that you like. You put a few wrong songs on there and the message won't quite come through clear enough.

The same factors go into creating a cover song. You want to give it your own spin but you also want to still let it be an ode to where it came from and to do that you're walking a fine line.

Not to worry here though, the artist pulls this off without a hitch and does it charmingly even.

The song sounds vast and breezy with rolling snares and twangy guitars that help build the soundscape while the vocals give everything even a more sort of emotional backbone if you would.

You can definitely tell that there was a lot of attention to detail when creating this one and also that there's something about what Sam does that is quickly infectious.

It's almost like you can tell he's in love with recording music. I mean, why else would you take the time to do such a massive cover like this other than you love doing it.

So that sort of love for the craft comes through in the song and that's part of what pulls you into everything.

His cover of this classic single is almost cinematic in its own right and it has a way of wrapping itself around you and letting you just get engulfed in it. But guess what, it feels good to let that happen.

What's great about this song is it kind of makes you want to dig in a little deeper about the artist and when you do you find that there are previous releases that are more than well worth your time.

I certainly feel like Sam slick is someone to look out for in the near future as we certainly would expect him to be releasing some new material over the next few months.

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