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A Breath Of Fresh Air And Edgy, Vast Tones From Tralala

A crisp and woozy new single from Tralala breaks a bit of ground in terms of blending and meshing genre approaches together and using some gorgeous keys and synths to build a spacey but swagger riddled dreamscape of sorts that all comes together into an atmosphere that keeps you adrift.

The single has two tracks and the first is called "Winded" which really begins this journey into a sonic electro-pop universe.

The thing about this song is that it lets you float up and away with the music but just when you're about to reach a point of no return, you get pulled back by the personal lyrical content and it becomes more human straight away.

There are a lot of scattered vocals by the climax of this track, and it all has this very cinematic feel to it that makes you think, remember, picture, and feel.

It actually has an emotional backbone there that the song was built from, and the platform was quite grounded and begins floating upward from there.

It's quite pretty.

The other single is called "What's The Point?" which hits you with that personal and honest wording from the get-go.

This one has a great synth line that becomes a hook and does have a really vast and spacious vibe to it that is very infectious.

Both the songs are outstanding on their own, but it seems they go together almost like a concept record. A short one, but still.

This was really done well and there was emotion and attention to detail all over it.





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