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A Beautifully Vast Release From Silky Disturbance

A fresh new release from Silky Disturbance brings out an incredibly lush and dream-esque baroque pop tonality that shines with cinematic soundscape and has the feeling of being alive and breathing.

The Lens of the Arcana album breaks down more barriers than most with such a massive and vast approach and with such an incredible array of textures that you feel like you've escaped into a completely different world for a while.

This is such an engulfing record and really gives you the ability to just get washed away with everything that's happening as the songs paint such vivid pictures through their sounds.

Most of this release gives you the feeling of drifting through someone's memories and has this slightly haunting undertone that peaks its head out every once in a while.

From strings to organs to horns and so much more, this record encompasses such a huge and edgy yet colorful vibe.

There's also such outstanding Arrangement being done and such great attention to detail throughout the course of this album but it never loses that storytelling and almost mythical feeling.

This was a heavy form of escapism for me and it probably will be for others because you do actually step into this other dimension for a while and listen to these stories and sounds as they play through.

When the album's over you have to shake it off in order to come back to reality again and I love that aspect.

Just the feeling of having a record that you can escape to like a good book is something that I've missed for quite some time and I'm sure other people have as well.

In order to pull an album like this off, you have to have an absolute love for your craft and obviously this band clearly does because there's tons of heart and soul along with a certain level of perfectionism that went into this release.

It also feels somewhat like a concept album because the songs seem to have this underlying connection to each other like chapters of a book or acts of a play.

That noir and theatrical atmosphere sticks from the beginning all the way through to the end but there are plenty of surprises around certain corners as well.

This is one of those albums that you should really listen to from beginning to end if you have the time.

There are songs that stand out really well as singles but the way to soak this in, is in the form of the full album.

And it's really fun to do just that.

One of the other things that I really liked about this release was just a simple fact that as soon as you start becoming really comfortable with the songs, they change things up a bit and keep you on your toes although there is something that keeps all the songs confluent as well.

This record was awesome and I would recommend listening to it with headphones on alone and maybe with a glass of whiskey.

You should do that instead of watching that movie that you've been waiting to watch because it's just as good.

Take a deep dive into this one when you get the chance, you certainly won't regret it.

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