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A Beautiful Single From Kralingen

A beautiful new single release from Kralingen brings out a cinematic and vast soundscape that builds with what feels like an emotional drive and has the ability to wrap itself around you and keep you right where it wants to.

"In My Orbit" features such a wondrous atmosphere that it's hard not to get engulfed and eventually washed away with everything you're hearing, and it feels amazing to do just that.

This track pulls you right in and blends natural and digital instrumentation which creates these textures that flow in and out of each other and it makes the song sort of sway and feel almost alive and breathing in its own way.

You get a lot of personal approach and honesty lyrically and the song becomes quickly relatable as you end up picturing memories of your own in your head at random which I think is a brilliant attribute in terms of a reaction to a song.

The track has these floating since and Atmospheric guitar notes that swim around in the ether of the song and give it this spacious tonality that lets you feel like you're floating just a few feet off the ground.

This was quite a dreamscape and had a strange warmth to it that has a way of making perfect sense to you.

There is both a peacefulness and a little bit of sadness flowing to the veins of this song and its premise.

This is part of what gives the track so much character and that's one of the strongest elements about it because you latch on to that character and don't let go.

I love songs that let you feel like they are written just for you even though you know they weren't because you can relate and understand them, and this is a perfect example of exactly that.

This was beautiful, graceful, touching, and expansive, and it lets you feel everything you were meant to while listening.

Songs like this are a little bit more of an experience than just a song and that's because again, it feels like it was for you and as you think about your person, your situation, or your memories, you begin to wonder how an artist is able to even articulate those kinds of feelings or thoughts into words and music.

Because all of us have thoughts and feelings that affect us greatly and a lot of us wish we had a way to express them so when you hear an artist that's able to create in such a way that they are doing something that is probably almost cathartic for them, it's outstanding.

It makes you feel like you're not alone.

This is a beautiful gift if you ask me, and this track does a wonderful job of delivering that gift.

I am definitely going to be keeping an eye on Kralingen from here on out to see what else gets released and upon listening to this track I did take it upon myself to go through some of the releases on Spotify that were previously dropped, and I was pleasantly surprised because everything that I heard was different from the last but there was a glue that kept everything confluent.

This was a beautiful single and I suggest you listen to it with headphones so you can really soak it in the way it was meant to be.

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