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Your Last Breath Releases A New EP

If you are a metal lover and have not yet heard the latest release from Your Last Breath, then you are in luck because we are here to get you all caught up on their freshly dropped "Burn the Earth" record which is a massive and high-impact metal soiree.

This EP gives off a wildly heavy but well-put-together sound and each track has a way of standing on its own while the full EP has a confluence to it that brings everything together unbelievably well.

With a melodic and almost death metal feel, this band packs an electric energy that sticks strongly through the full record.

The release boasts a ton of mosh-worthy breakdowns and sections that make you want to jump around the living room, head bang along with the rhythms, or screen along with your fists in the air.

“Burn the Earth” for me was really about trying to make a statement and a name for ourselves. We have a lineup we really like, so we just wrote the most fun and ourselves music we could. For me since I was finishing college and was going to have more consistency in my schedule, I figured we should swing for the fences and book our first tour as well. The tour added a lot of pressure for over half a year while I booked it for us. “Burn the Earth” came from drive." - Your Last Breath

Your Last Breath is a band who enjoys doing what they do most likely more than anything else and that passion for being a band and for the genre shines through.

If you are a metalhead, this is a record that you should not be missing.

Check out more on their Spotify, Instagram, or Linktree and listen to the record!

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