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You Just Don't Hear Songs Like The Ones Hi Fidelity Are Releasing

A new single coming from Hi-Fidelity puts a new perspective on classic rock songwriting in a current platform as "Someday" shows great strides in taking songs that really changed you and swirling them into your own style.

You can tell between the vocal and guitar tones alone that these guys really put a lot into the song in terms of intricacies and detail.

They wanted something that was a love letter to songs they probably grew up with or at least impacted them in some way shape or form.

And that's what they did. They put out a tasty little tune that brings you back or takes you to that place you've forgotten about.

This song is silky with 2- and 3-part harmonies and the right reverbs and acoustics to make it ring those bells it was meant to ring.

The most impressive however, is the heart that went into this.

You just know the guys on this project absolutely live for this and wanted to make something that was pretty much perfect in their eyes or...ears.

Kudos to Hi Fidelity for putting out a song like this. You just don't hear this kind of stuff now and it's like a breath of fresh air.


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