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Work Gives Us A Refreshing Indie Record That Borders Classic Rock

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Work has a new record and it's an engulfing and deepening feel to it along with it's full and complex changing sounds.

The Afterhours album is full of tasty little surprises that takes a song that starts with an indie-folk fee and suddenly rocks it out with a garage tempered energy.

This is something you didn't expect as it rolls through all sorts of amazing changes and sounds, genres, and attitudes.

We have a 90's alt rock style not unlike Butthole Surfers and a Modest Mouse feel all rolled up into one record and you'd think the changes would be a bit much but its not.

The record is incredibly free and open ended with descriptive lyrics and endless fun.

Loads of killer riffs and character invade your eardrums and you become addicted.

This one is bordering insane and its so worth your time its ridiculous.

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