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Welcome to the in-Depth World of Daniel Young

If you're not yet too familiar with the musical stylings of Daniel Young then let us be among the first to welcome you to his particular world of Americana and rock, and how he's able to utilize elements of both worlds to make something that has a welcoming approach.

Having a very in-depth music career for years, Young has been releasing albums, singles, and more since 2015 but his latest effort dubbed "Leave It Out To Dry", really gives you a sense of his range as an artist.

The LP consists of a beautiful set of songs that have no problem jamming when they want to, getting personal when they want to, or getting descriptive lyrically.

A lot about this record lets you paint pictures in your head almost like reading a book where you get the premise and there is a lot of detail, but there's still a little bit of room for you to be picturing things as the songs play.

The set of instruments and especially the guitar work, is well done. and everything feels like it was influenced by a classic tone and classic artists, and they probably were.

Young put a lot of himself into the record and it made the release feel good and have a somewhat genuine overall feeling.

Every single one of these tracks was constructed wonderfully and the record gives something to you when you listen to it.

The most notable songs for me personally, are as follows: "Leave It Out To Dry", "Rosalita", and "When I Awake". However, there's one track right smack in the middle of the record called "Here Comes the Flood" and this is a song that's almost 8 minutes in length and has a great feel to it.

There's a lot to hold on to with this record and I would more than suggest digging into this one as it does a lot for Americana music.

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