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Vicki’s Dream

Vickis Dream is a project that got its start in October 2017. The band members consist of JT (bass), Bryan Caruso (guitar), Andrew Gordon (lead guitar/vocals) and Carmen Meadows (lead vocals). Jeff Friedl performed the drums on this record and GoPal Metro contributed on keys on the track “Morbid.” Together the band has made the type of music that blends many different genres for a “post-apocalyptic” sound that includes punk, goth and metal tones. But who is Vicki? The band explains in their bio that Vicki is the main character of their story. She fell asleep and woke up during a post-apocalyptic world. The band’s music represents her dreams and experiences. This was an interesting play on things which I thought worked out well. I think they were able to pull off the “post-apocalyptic” sound the band was going for. Their self-titled album Vickis Dream, is an undertaking that demands your attention with driven riffs and hard-hitting vocals.

Vickis Dream begins with “Awakening,” where a spoken word piece comes through as the character Vicki talks about waking up to a different world. The guitars and drums are adamant. I was getting some hard rock and metal vibes here. Full-on guitars come in full throttle on “Déjà Vu.” The guitar solo was really invigorating as the band’s hard-hitting sound was realized. The beat grows in traction for a fast and punk rock sound. I thought the music was exciting to experience. Some chants come in for a punk rock feel. I enjoyed this approach very much. Next, the music grows more melodic on “Morbid.” I was loving how driven this sounded. The melodic guitars were also great. Once Meadows’ vocals came in, her sound flowed through the recording. I thought she had a lot of stage presence as she grabs hold of listeners with commanding showmanship. I could not get enough of this goth sound coming from the band. I was instantly getting The Cure vibes. Some simmering instrumentals arrive on “Wendigo.” Some reverb-drenched guitars join the fray which made for a pulverizing feel. The feedback was adamant as it took over the track. Gradually, the pacing of the song is turned up for a fast and riveting take. Gordon’s vocals definitely reminded me of Robert Smith here.

An end-of-the-world vibe comes from the punk-driven anthem, “Desert Punk.” It was a powerful piece with a blast of guitars and drums. On “Vandal Hearts,” some Native American chants come through the start of this recording. It added a mystical vibe to the overall track. Next, some hard-hitting drums and other instrumentals come through. The music was definitely full-on. This was an adrenaline-rushing piece as action-packed choruses and Meadows’ great vocals styles come through. On “Nuke ‘Em All,” the song starts out to the sound of police sirens. The sirens echo for a long time. Then the music comes in with a heavy vibe. The scream-o vocals take control of this track for a great vibe. I think the lead singer exhibits tons of character in his vocals here. The sound of chimes comes in on “Priscilla.” A girl, I presume is Priscilla is telling Vicki to wake up. The sound of spoken word and synths carry on. This was an interesting way to end the album.

With end-of-the-world themes, I think the album manages to sound rather hopeful. When I listened to the music, I was thinking change was afoot for a rather dismal situation. Vicki wakes up to find herself in a changed world. But she won’t just sit back and do nothing. She wants to make that change happen. Vickis Dream talks about our protagonist's dreams and life experiences and challenges you to think. With driven and moody music in the background, what more could you want?

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