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The Wonderous and Cinematic Sounds of Brenda Carsey

A new single from Brenda Carsey brings out a powerful and embracing sound with passionate vocals and a slightly 90's rock undertone lurking just beneath the surface of an acoustic based southern souled soundscape.

"I'm Sorry" features a wonderful palette of stripped-down instrumentation that breeds such a gorgeous and impactful feeling that you can tell it came from someplace real. It has that genuine tone, and it can really make you think and feel.

The single builds as it plays on, and it breathes and swells with intensity which gives it this edge and the artist does her thing while portraying so much character it's crazy.

The song begins with vocals and acoustic and turns into a full band sound with live drums, lap steel and gospel backing vocals and it all comes along with overlaying electric guitar noes that float around in the song's ether creating a vivid and lush atmosphere you just want to stay in forever.

This release was absolutely engulfing, cinematic, and beautifully woven as it can cause memories of your own to pop into your head and take over for moments at a time.

Carsey showcases such an incredible and addictive presence with this song and the best part is, if you like it, you're bound to like the number of gems in her catalogue. And quite the massive library it is with releases dating back to 2011.

her songs boast a sort of magic that gets under your skin in the best ways possible and we need music like this now.

Carsey represents a breed of musicians and performers that do things differently. They keep to the style and focus on songwriting and performance. Things aren't just thrown together. They are built with heart and detail, and this is evident with pretty much all of her music.

Start off with "I'm Sorry" and dive into her catalogue from there. You won't soon regret it.

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