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The Warm and Orchestrated Sounds of Anton du Preez

If you're not quite familiar with the sounds of Anton du Preez then let us be among the first to introduce you because the singer, composer, producer, and songwriter has recently dropped an LP that reaches deep down and hits certain spots that deliver quite heavy-handed emotions and personality and listening to the album is an experience you don't want to miss.

The new release is called Songs of Feeling and you couldn't have thought of a better title for this because all of these have a piece of him engraved in them.

This LP is composed of full-fledged orchestras, and this lets the record have such a beautiful production and helps push the songs to the places that they were meant to go.

Being a composer, Anton can wrangle the right kinds of tone and pitch that go along with the feelings and emotions that each particular song is meant to showcase, and it is not hard to tell that this is the artist's happy place, and he is truly in his world when creating.

His singing is heartfelt and only feeds into that production even more with higher levels of intensity.

This is not your ordinary record and if you are someone who likes music that can change your state of mind or can pull you away from your surroundings for a moment in time, this record is something that you must hear.

"In Songs of Feeling, I wanted to create a collection of songs that hopefully has the capacity to be poignant across a lifespan, not just a snapshot in time. I wanted to discuss and share many common but difficult experiences. Each song was written as a way to reflect and process my journey or the journey of others. Whether a song is written about my own or someone else’s experiences, they’re all based on the true stories of myself or someone close to me. This album shares those stories and meaningful interactions to this point, my life in places other than music, and the relationships I am eternally grateful to have shared. Even if fleeting, some of them have made an impact that I’ll carry with me forever." - Anton du Preez

Get this record pulled up and playing as soon as you can, and you certainly won't regret it.

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