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The Summit gets extra with their Def Cat LP release

The Summit's new "Def Cat" LP release crushes a multitude of pop in a variety of well sustained genres. Kicking things off is "uNi", a song laced with style and instruments. Horns, keys, synths, guitars, and more can be heard in this introduction to what lays ahead.

"Two Way Avenue" is completely fun and progressive song infusing some great influence of classic rock bands at once. "Crazy for Life" seems almost like an 80's soundtrack until exploding into a pop rock song with pounding drumming and orchestral back up vocals. "Mizzer" gets funky and jazzy while still remaining ferociously poppy.

"The Shelf", one of their singles from the release, is very Simon and Garfunkel in the most genuine way. "Beachside Girl" lets you sink into your seat and relax in true easy listening style.

"The Red Sea" gets back to that classic rock mind set with its acoustic based guitars and wind instruments. "Your Gold Ain't Super" draws you in with it's bassline and sly feeling tones.

"A Disappointing Funk Dog" gets a little Beach Boys vocally and shows off some excellent guitar chops. The Def Cat LP is completely overloaded with outstanding musicianship and shows a great future for today's youth in music.

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