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The Stylish Synthwave of Paul Jack

Dance-Pop songwriter Paul Jacks just releaseda synthwave trackthat hits that vintage 80's pop sound head on.

Utilizing some classic synth sounds and creating another world, Jacks drives the Miami night club vibe straight through neon lit highways and gorgeous soundscapes.

A sweet and sultry comination of old and new, blending in some almost dream-pop vocals, distant and catchy while using keys for an array of musical hooks.

The single dubbed "Lunacy's Back" feels big and boasts plenty of textured and layered sounds to create a dancable song from begginging to end.

The track follows suit with his other singles released earlier this year "Shy Boy" and "I Fell Right Back Into Your Hands".

Paul Jacks knows how to pinpoint the sound he wants and it's not hard to hear with each track, he has a great evolution as he grows as a songwriter.

This record is like listening to a horror flick as it may take on the persona of a nightmare and really its got an uneasy sexiness that is so appealing its crazy.

Dig into this one with caution. You may get addicted quickly.

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