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The Sounds Of Erene Mastrangeli

If you are not too familiar with the sounds of Erene Mastrangeli then let us be among the first to introduce you, especially with the release of her new LP dubbed Loveshine as it takes on a compelling and very colorful but authentic approach with songwriting.

The release is nine songs in length and each track has such unique detail to it, and the deeper you listen to the record you begin to get a feel for the actual instrumentation and more robust styles that the record hints towards or steps into.

One of the singles from the record called "What Is Love" is a near perfect example of what I mean.

The song touches on the existentialism of trying to figure out what love is and how it's different for each person that encounters it but the song itself starts with a guitar and vocals so that you get a feel for the landscape but quickly builds into percussion, piano, and more so that by the end of the track it's become fully blossomed.

This in itself relates to the actual album because it has a lot to do with a certain kind of blossoming for the artist.

Lyrically the record is very beautiful and has heart strewn throughout its premise and this is just one part of how you know that the record meant a lot to Erene.

To hear an LP with so much meaning and such a tasteful mind toward instrumentation and composition, performance and authenticity is in a way, almost relieving.

This is an example of an artist who is paving their own path with music and doing it with not only a wondrous charm but also on their own terms.

This record will do wonders for those who are soul searching.

And maybe that's what this record is really about.

Dive into the album and see what it does for you and remember where you heard it first.

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