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The Show You EP Release From Freddy Gonzalez

Songwriter and vocalistFreddy Gonzalezand his brother producer SamUiLL have been sharing their musical passion with theShow You EP. Aptly titled, the EP does indeed show us a superb pop release that propels from indie pop to radio pop with ease.

Songs suitable for mainstream and underground pop enthusiasts, the EP is based on an instinctual need to express what's felt beneath the surface. Balancing between sadness and hopefulness, everything you hear is coming from someplace very actual.

And it's all done with attitude. Sleek and lustrous from start to finish all the songs on the release are as strong as the last. "Ballin Out Here" is something of an welcoming to the record and is one of the stronger singles.

Again, all these songs are notable and click together extremely well.

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