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The Sense - EP2

Allen Rosso, JT Oakar, Jesse Silliman, Riyo Osanai and Isaac Pincus collectively form The Sense, a band that recently unveiled their second EP featuring an organic and live sound. Navigating through a musical landscape that eludes easy categorization, their style, situated somewhere between folk, funk and rock, embraces a refreshing ambiguity.

In the inaugural track, "I'll Be Damned," The Sense delves into funky realms. The pace is brisk, the execution fluid and the overall vibe is a delightful romp that beckons you to rise and dance. The song exudes a punk momentum, raw and unrestrained, with a revolutionary spirit reminiscent of The Who.

Contrasting this, "Black Magic Marker" emanates a different energy, resonating more with the spirit of Simon & Garfunkel, particularly reminiscent of a cousin to "The Sound of Silence." Infused with a touch of Donovan, the song weaves together bongos, bass, guitar and vocals to create a distinctive atmosphere.

Personal favorite, "She's Making Me Lonesome," channels a vibe akin to Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed. Soft, delicate and providing a comforting sense of solace, the song stands out as a highlight. "Heartbreak Remains" maintains a heightened energy, aligning seamlessly with its predecessors.

While the EP as a whole is a commendable work, one critique surfaces regarding the first track, "I'll Be Damned," which, in its distinctiveness, feels somewhat detached from the overall sonic landscape. Nevertheless, The Sense's EP shines in its songwriting and delivery, offering a multifaceted listening experience. There's much to appreciate in this collection, urging audiences to immerse themselves in the nuanced musical world crafted by The Sense.

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