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The Powerful Soul Rock Of Sheva Elliott

A new track released from Sheva Elliot is a warming and straight forward track that brings tons of soul and passion to a lively performance.

"Land of the Free" is driving and powerful and has a killer edge to it that borders on alternative and even country at times.

What most addicting is the artists busty vocals that only get more powerful as the song goes on.

The single has a gusto and energy that's tough to beat and makes the song inspirational and gives it a sort of classic rock and blues rock tonality.

Elliot asks the question "what have we become".

Maybe it's a question we should be asking ourselves.

Bands like Concrete Blonde come to mind at times as those vocals power on and guitars get heavier and organs swell into a colorful and vibrant soundscape.

Dig into this one as there is quite a message to be heard.

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