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The Powerful Rock Sounds Of Slowfade

A new and gripping single from Slowfade brings out an outstanding and polished alternative rock sound that gets spacious and freeing as the radio friendly single breaks out with a powerful chorus and impactful messages.

"Shine" is an inspirational and existential track that takes some different sounds and rolls them all up into one massive rock banger that features passionate vocals, a small rapping section that fits perfectly, and a huge guitar sound that gives everything a sonic presence that's tough to beat.

The song has a heavy back end and there is a crunching guitar below a cleaner one that layers on top of each other and makes everything melodic and smooth but still colorful and strong.

"Shine" comes along with a few other tracks as a part of the EP with the same title and the other tracks also bast impactful and honest approaches that really work like a charm.

The EP is packed with a beautifully performed set of sounds and vast rock feels that all fit in with each other well but also have some little differences to bring to the table. as well.

The record is clearly done by experienced and seasoned musicians and feels like song you've been listing to on the radio for years.

This is one to dig into when you can, and you should go for the full EP.

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1 comentário
24 de set. de 2022

Totally agree! feels like an instant classic. Very few bands can put out albums that you don't have to skip a single song because they are all so good! love their earlier stuff and so excited for the new tracks😝

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