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The Pop-Rock Of The Byways

The Byways Drop Their "Something To Prove" EPNew York based indie pop rock out fit The Bywaysjust dropped their new EP dubbed "Something To Prove" and it's packed with varying styles of songwriting all built from a rock and pop foundation.

Though all four songs on the release are quite notable, the main song of focus "Believe In Me" is a shining example of clean addictive pop music. Focusing on struggles anyone can understand, the song features some soulful guitar work and loads of vocal harmonies brightly woven together as a polished lining for the song. The entire EP is an outspoken powerhouse of driving tracks. You can catch the video for another great track from the EP called "How Did We Get Here" atYoutube.

To really dig into the record and the band check out their website.

These guys are a band to take note of!


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