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The Parallels Release An Addictive Single

A new single release from The Parallels brings out a brilliantly composed and slightly edgy rock soundscape that lends a hand to a little bit of progressive and a little bit of math rock at times by creating intricate and addictive riffs and intense baselines that complement arrangements that let the song feel like it's alive and breathing as the song has several builds and time signature changes that are not only unique but incredibly fun.

"Allergic To Feathers" certainly features some amazing guitar work along with this live drumming that allows the time changes to really work in a seamless manner which is quite incredible but it also has a unique soul to it that shines through in the entire song and this is part of what makes it a little bit more unique.

Both musically and vocally you can hear some emotional drive behind this track and that has a way of becoming a strong point along with these sort of expansive riffs and progressions.

The energy on this track and the way it's put together really makes me think this was recorded live on the floor simply because everyone involved feels like they're feeding off of each other the entire time, especially with the changes, and the energy levels so the song becomes alive and breathing in its own way.

Even if I am wrong about the whole live on the floor thing, listening to the song definitely makes you want to go see them perform it live in your face simply because if the energy is captured like this on record, then seeing them live must be amazing.

I absolutely adore listening to a song from a band and immediately wanting to go see that performed in front of me because it's something that I haven't gotten in such a long time.

The drumming is a real key element on this track and it's a huge part of what gives it that feeling of being alive and what also brings these levels of intensity in and out.

The drumming is very detailed and has a wonderful way of following the guitar riffs down to the tiniest detail at times but it also has this sort of jazzy, in the pocket vibe along with that rock edge and this is one of those things that help the song all together perfectly.

You can clearly tell this was done by people who have a pure love for their craft and aside from their instruments, I mean playing songs and writing songs together that are different.

This definitely had an outside-the-box sort of approach and a slew of different influences and its undertone but it also had personality and character which is something that you end up getting attached to.

As far as I can tell the parallels are a two-man group that have found each other and since been creating music together.

This single speaks volumes for the way that they approach creating a song and how they do so with fewer boundaries than the norm which in my opinion is brilliant.

This is like an art rock that has heart and a little bit of deeper meaning that creates its own atmosphere and has no walls built around it, follows no rules when it comes to societal song making, and because of all of that, it comes through amazingly.

A completely addictive track that you should certainly take a listen to.

Remember where you heard it first.

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