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The Musical Stylings of Theory of the Dead

A new album release from Theory of the Dead brings out a lush array of production and instrumentation that blends old-school hip-hop and R&B with a fresh pop undertone and does it all by blending textures seamlessly backed by beats that give tracks drive or deep grooves and it all hits with a certain kind of character and at certain times she even gives hints of nostalgia.

The M Theory is certainly a bit of a genre bender when it wants to be, and a lot of these songs come through with a sort of cinematic backbone that I really enjoyed but most of its incredibly danceable.

The use of synths, keys, samples, and beats are all well-chosen and placed as the arrangements have a beautiful and forward-moving flow to them a lot of the time.

These tracks have a way of sort of growing outward from where they start, and it sounds like it was a lot of fun to produce.

Certainly, it seems like creating tracks like this is where she is in her zone and her happy place because the deeper you go into the record the more surprises you get around certain corners and the more layers there are to be peeled back.

These are the types of tracks you could definitely hear in different kinds of shows or films, even video games at times and I love that factor because the cinematic tonality of some of these tracks is killer.

I also love how some tracks are more intense and slightly darker edged while other ones have a brighter feel to them.

The beats on pretty much every one of these tracks are stellar and it's that genre-crossing element that makes it work because you have such outside-the-box since and keys at times combined with classic beats that give the songs drive.

What's more, is that a lot of this album comes through with a kind of character or persona and if you listen to the whole record only then are you getting the spectrum of what it has to offer and all the vibes and feels that comes with it.

Upon listening to this album, I took it upon myself to take a little bit of a deep dive into the back catalog of the project and I'm glad that I did because I was able to pick up on singles and full albums that have been dropped previously and each one has different sides to the songwriting and shows a little bit of different persona as well.

One of my personal favorites I've come across is a track called "Dream" which has a great R&B and pop crossover between the thick synth work and the vocals performed by Deadboi.Walking.

Although the M Theory album was completely instrumental, this track had some catchy vocals that told the storyline, and it was really easy to catch on to.

This track had a very particular sort of vastness but also provided an edginess and those two things put together really made the song work like a charm.

There are lots of catchy hooks throughout this track even the way the verse melodies are some and this was by far one of my favorite tracks that they've released previous to this album.

Having said that, as I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of other incredible releases that are both vocally enticing but also fully instrumental as well.

I would also touch on a record called Intermission which was also released earlier this year.

There's a lot to swim through with this project and I would start with the M Theory album and work my way back from there.

All of this has plenty to offer so, remember where you heard it first.

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