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The Music of Agaaze

Agathya Visveswaran, aka “Agaaze," is a twenty-year-old multi-instrumentalist artist and producer from Rochester, New York. According to his bio “Agathya begin his musical career at the age of 6, starting with classical guitar. As the years went on, he started learning the jazz guitar, trumpet, as well as taking South Indian Carnatic vocal lessons. He learned classical guitar at the Hochstein School of Music, and jazz guitar at the Eastman School of Music. He was won numerous awards for both the classical and jazz guitar, and has performed at various local venues such as the Rochester Jazz Festival, and Rochester Lilac Festival.”

More recently Agaaze released For You which is a seven-song release that is a little over a half hour long. The first song is called “The Door” and begins with pads shifting among the environment. A beat emerges with vocals that sound like they might have a filter like effect on them. It’s lush, dreamy and atmospheric. The song takes a turn and seamlessly transitions into a delayed guitar pattern and then all of a sudden a deep beat is dropped. Tame Impala came to mind when I heard this transition. The buzzing bass synths help with the energy. Great song.

We start to get into some of the catchiest vocal melodies with the next song “Lately.” I loved the production here but those hooks were the kind you want to sing with. It’s a slick song and I thought the genre bending on this song worked really well.

“I Don’t Got Time For This Today” is a winner. The song is bright and some of the beats here have similarities to the artist Aphex Twin. I thought the airy synths were a key component in the song. Additionally they fade in with the arpeggiated synth which felt like magic. The song kicks into gear once the lead guitar is introduced. It’s an interesting juxtaposition as the fast electronic beat clashes with the more soothing guitar patterns.

“Cinnamon Paradise” might be the centerpiece. It’s a dynamic tune that takes you on a journey. The bass line in particular gave this song some funk that runs deep. I thought the vocals were as smooth as silk.

“Still Water” has all the qualities you want from a single. It’s fun, infectious and doesn't overstay its welcome. The rapping chops were displayed on this song. “Are You Real?” is a little darker and probably the most hip-hop infused beat while “You and Me” is joyful and contains some fantastic vocal melodies.

Agaaze is a young producer who is displaying some momentum here. This is a great release that you should be paying attention to.

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