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The Metal Sounds of Crossbones

If you're not too familiar with the heavy metal stylings of Crossbones, then let us be some of the first to introduce you to their particular sound and approach because this band has an unstoppable fire behind their songs that anyone who's into metal is going to go nuts over.

The Albanian-based, brutally heavy, and musically seasoned outfit has been releasing music and touring around the world since 1996 and we want to bring attention to a few songs they've released throughout the past few years that just crush it.

One of those tracks is called "The Awakening" which does a perfect job of showing you the band's intense power that they display and how the songwriting approach and changes are memorable and able to mix some different heavy styles in one singular song.

The tone of the base on this song already gives you a hint as to what's to come with its almost distorted and fuzztone sound and the whole track comes at you in a way that you don't expect so by the end of it you're kind of left in awe.

This song is over 7 minutes and is masterfully done from the drumming to the guitars, vocals and everything else involved.

You can hear in the music that when these guys get together to create a song, they know it's going to be something special and that heart goes into the music itself, so they get very creative with the sounds in the tones of everything, the stops and the goes, the arrangements, and more.

The performances are beyond, and this is part of why these guys have such a long history as a metal band.

"The Awakening" is the title track off of the album of the same name and the record spans eight tracks in total with plenty of intense action and songs that you never want to stop listening to.

Another full album release from the band called WWIII which was released a few years earlier, still has that huge impact and inventive riffs that do indeed showcase the fact that these guys are seasoned and well-versed musicians.

Instead of talking about one record, I'm going suggest you listen to just about everything released by Crossbones because in terms of metal, these guys take the cake and if you like one song or one record, you're going to like them all and that's a fact.

This one's for the metal heads out there.

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