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The Elegant Chasers Ramp Up For A New Release

An upcoming single release from The Elegant Chasers brings back that staple sonic presence with an alternative rock banger that hits with a vastness and packs enough punch for you to feel the impact and still want to come back for more.

"Running Around the Sun" shines with a very particular brightness and the track comes through feeling absolutely Electric which in part, comes from this endless energy that's delivered by all parts.

When I say this, I mean the vocals are powerful but still melodic and done with a tasteful approach so that nothing's overpowering or over the top all the while the guitars give that edginess and melodic power behind the song's drive so in combination, you have a track that is not only well-rounded, but has the ability to engulf you.

The Elegant Chasers is the type of project that you pay attention to after you've heard even one single track because it's got a unique soundscape to it and the entire project boasts that same soundscape.

It's the kind of project that when you hear it, you know exactly what it is. You can recognize that it's this band.

I absolutely love a band or an artist that delivers a staple sound so that you recognize it the next time around because it's not something you come across very often so when it does it's pretty refreshing to have.

You can feel those Inspirations of classic '90s alternative rock just pouring in and it's that almost futuristic tone that gives this track it's gusto and separates it from the rest.

Not a lot about this is standard or cookie cutter which is a big part of why it's easy to fall in love with so quickly.

With a genre like alternative rock, you tend to start looking for things that are outside the box and this project has many of those things which makes it all the more appealing.

Having the pleasure of listening to and reviewing previous singles from The Elegant Chasers, I can definitely tell you that this track is a step in the right direction and it's excellent to hear this sort of evolution in songwriting and that he still hasn't lost that specific sound that pulled me in in the first place.

The single has a killer chorus and always hints to that Classic alternative rock sound that I grew up with and loved but takes it to a different place which is one of the most unique and attractive things about the song.

I also really love the fact that this track has some length to it because it's absolutely massive and is over 5 minutes long which again, takes you way outside the cookie-cutter style of rock songwriting.

This is the kind of stuff we need right now in the genre.

Again "Running Around the Sun" is set to release on December 1st and there's definitely more to follow that so pay close attention and dig into this track as soon as you get a chance.

Remember where you heard it first.

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