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The Dark Rock Music of Black Vatican

If you're not too familiar with the creeping soundscapes of Black Vatican, then let us be among the first to introduce you as a recently released a series of singles that each give off a beautiful and story-driven feel and with each of these tracks you have a little bit of a different side of the band's approach and personality.

One of the latest is called "Vampiric Waltz" which has a robust sort of wickedness in its underbelly.

"Vampiric Waltz is all about unity with the night and mankind, about looking beneath the surface of a situation or a group of people and seeing for who they really are, not what others may claim them to be. We used the example of romance between a human and a vampire; the vampire guides the human through a dark forest to his manor. The whole time she feels that the rumors people said about him may be true, that he may hurt her or worse. But as soon as they entered the manor, the whole place lights up with beautiful portraits, candles, paintings and was filled with many people. Everyone dressed in fancy while dancing the waltz; a mix of humans and vampires alike enjoying themselves in an all-inclusive safe space they can call home. She then realizes that the only reason why people spoke ill of him was because those were the only type people left in the outside world, for everyone else with a kind heart resided in the manor with the vampire. This was a strong creative combination of all the band members where the elements of the night brought by Cole blended well with the "Beauty and the Beast" poetry of Erick and Alex." - Black Vatican

The group is a dark and sort of brooding rock band and the creative theme behind some of their works is quite beautiful and in-depth as well.

Another single called "Night of Maleficium" features outstanding guitar work and riffs that stick with you along with a sort of ghostly set of synths that add immensity to the track.

Black Vatican certainly has a knack for writing beautifully built, dark-pitched, and almost unearthly music that has different ways of telling stories.

You can listen to some of their work on their Spotify or Bandcamp, and learn more about these guys on their Instagram or Facebook.

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