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Swimwear Department Delivers One Hell Of Good Time

If you're not yet familiar with the fuzz tone surf rock of Swimwear Department, then let us be among the first to introduce you as they just released a full-length album that is packed to the brim with character, color and an insanely danceable energy that becomes so quickly infectious you don't know what hit you.

The Poolest Of The Mall is obviously packed with puns but also gives off this insatiable live energy feeling as if the band members are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time and this makes things so alive and breathing that you can't turn away from it.

The vocals across this record have massive swagger and the entire band manages to pull together this similar persona which really creates an atmosphere that is literally like an endless beach house pool party you never want to leave.

Perhaps one of the quirkiest things about these guys is that they literally write songs only about pools and shopping malls which for me hits a certain sweet spot and helps deliver an outrageous summer party record.

You can clearly tell throughout the course of this playthrough that these guys have a massive love for their craft and that seeps through every single no plate on the record.

You get great guitar tones that deliver that beach wave sound, classic '60s and '70s key sounds and riffs that just add more and more flavor to the songs, and baselines that take walks along with drumming that smashes.

These guys are super tight as well and you can tell that there's no place, they'd rather be but playing these songs with each other.

The baselines are a really key element across the board and so are its tones because they change a little bit from song to song, some songs deliver a much heavier fuzz tone and others a cleaner side of things but all in all this is one of those bands where every single element of it needs to be where it is for it to work the way it's meant to.

These guys remind me of a cross between Death from Above 1979 and old school Nada Surf and also spin in tons and tons of classically influenced surf rock vibes.

It's been a long time since I've heard a record this damn fun and it just makes you want to get off your ass and dance around, but it also has you singing along by the second time around.

There's not a single thing about this record that doesn't make you want to go see these guys live in your face because just the energy captured on the record itself is enough for you to understand that seeing them live would just be insane.

These are the guys that actually bring the party.

In a strange way this record also lets you sort of escape into their little world for a bit and that world is indeed a super fun pool party on a hot summer day with lots of people and honestly, it feels good to just crank this thing.

So, put your dancing shoes on and you're swimming trunks because you'll need both to listen to this one.

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