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Swallowtail and the Kaleidoscope Drops A Fresh One

Swallowtail and the Kaleidoscope's latest split single, "Aside/Beside," emerges as a delightful sonic gem that beckons with its clever wordplay and heartfelt performances. Opening with "Knitting Song," a collaborative effort between Matt Armbrust (songwriter/vocals/guitar) and Emele Clothier (vocals/keys), the track immediately contained some structure and tone that caught my attention.

 A fusion of crunchy guitar riffs, soulful piano melodies, and dynamic percussion sets the stage for Armbrust's emotive vocals, steeped in a delicate yet noticeable melancholy. Clothier's harmonies add depth, while subtle vocal effects enhance the ethereal ambiance. Despite its lo-fi aesthetic, "Knitting Song" exudes a magnetic charm that transcends mainstream conventions, inviting listeners into its intimate, evocative world. 

On the flip side, "Sittin' at Home" transports listeners to a bygone era with its nostalgic 70s folk vibe reminiscent of icons like Simon & Garfunkel. Here, the duo crafts an introspective feeling through intricate guitar arrangements and intimate vocal delivery that hits the center of the bullseye.The addition of the organ halfway through adds a dreamlike quality, enriching the song's already immersive atmosphere.

While distinct in style, both tracks bear the unmistakable imprint of Swallowtail and the Kaleidoscope, showcasing the duo's versatile artistry and unwavering commitment to authenticity. "Aside/Beside" is a testament to the enduring allure of indie music, proving that true brilliance often lies beyond the confines of commercial charts.

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