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Shedonist Hits An Edgy Grunge Feel With A New Album

A fresh record release from Shedonist brings on a soulful rock feel with blues undertones and some 90's alternative edge that even touches on grunge from time to time.

The Young, Dumb & Stupid album is an unreal blend of a nuber of rock styles that bleed into each other but all have that soulful tonality with guts, and greasy guitar riffs combined with belting vocals that you can feel from across the room.

These songs have swagger and attitude all over them and this is part of what makes them so damn addicting really.

These each have some different flavor to bring to the table but never lose sight of those roots. That thing that gives them that kick to the stomach sound.

It's got power and makes you think of old school riot grrrl bands like L7 sometimes.

This record has some damn shiny pop sensibility beneath all the juicy grit and character of it all and it gives the songs catchy hooks non-stop.

This release has some killer sheen and an almost live performance style feel about it that really gets your blood pumping.

At times, there is this awesome cinematic undertone to it all and the heaviness becomes almost dramatic which in no way is a bad thing.

It's all emotionally driven really.

This was an outstanding release with plenty to offer for fans or all sorts of good rock.

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