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Scoopski Delivers a Pop-Rock Halloween Romp

The latest EP release from Scoopski brings out a vivacious blend of pop rock and punk that hints at classic rock along with others to build an atmosphere that's not only danceable and feel good but packed with guitar hooks and a Halloween themed approach.

Just in time for Halloween itself, the band has released their Halloween With Scoopski EP and it does an amazing job of not only keeping you engaged but showing the band's outlandish creativity and ability to build songs that catch your ear and stick with you even after the record has ended.

There's something pleasurably theatrical about this release and it comes through with so much color and vigor that you just want to see them play live because on the recording itself it's got a great impact.

You can clearly tell these guys not only love what they do but they have a certain looseness and don't take anything too seriously because the album is packed with this humorous undertone that you're able to really feed into throughout the record.

This of course makes it extremely fun and that aspect of it is very infectious indeed.

These songs are pretty full body especially for pop rock songs and there's lots of great guitar harmonies, keys, and vocal harmonies that serve as choruses and hooks and those things are what give the record so much life.

This is the band that you want to go see on Halloween night so that you can sing along with their uplifting Halloween spirit which is something we all want on that night. Aside from candy.

The cool thing about this is that it's so much fun and it's got such a youthful attitude, but it's definitely seasoned when it comes to the musicianship aspects of it all.

These guys know exactly how to write a song that stays bouncing around in your brain and there's such a heavy-handed pop approach to all of these and something that's almost cartoonish at times.

This of course adds to that theatrical tone and is something that just puts you in a great mood.

I love that classic rock influence that you can hear and the fact that the songs would be appealing to adults and kids at the same time.

That is something you don't get to hear often so it's very refreshing and when the records over you almost immediately want to play it again.

This is the record that goes on right before you play the haunted sound effects record in your house on Halloween night.

Just a damn good time from beginning to end with a great guitar tone and just the perfect attitude to get your spirits uplifted for the holiday, especially for those who love this holiday.

So, for all you Halloween lovers out there who are into rock, punk, classic rock, alternative, and more, this record is absolutely for you.

An absolute soiree of a release from start to finish, check this one out as soon as you get a chance and save it on the playlist for Halloween.

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Benito Malcooster
Benito Malcooster
Oct 12, 2023

Their take on "I Put a Spell on You" is likely my favorite on the EP!

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