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One of the newer single releases from Ben Emanuelson brings on a hard rock blitzkrieg of sonic energy and talent as guitars Rumble in true edgy style and vocals belt enough for you to be able to inadvertently start paying attention to it from across the room.

Now, Ben is known for putting out aggressive but insanely fun and vibrant Rock Singles that all have something a little bit different to bring to the table each time.

One of the latest called "Indy-E" is absolutely no exception.

The track boasts a massive and impactful punch while the song manages to fit into a radio friendly format, and it all happens so fast it's like lightning.

All in all, you could definitely hear some of that alternative rock influence pouring through and the sheer fact that the performance from drums to guitars and everything in between, is everything.

With music like this the performances incredibly important and Ben manages to pull off quite a lot of performances on this single as the multi-instrumentalist is doing a lot of the work himself.

Although this single does have a lot to show for the artist, there's so many others that he's released previously, but not long ago, that show these other sides to him as a songwriter.

Yes, the songs rock out, but they do it in a different way so the songs themselves have their own two legs to stand on.

One of the best things to do with this artist is to listen to his top tracks on Spotify.

This way you're getting a great feel for who he has as an artist and how he does his thing.

The energy is undeniable on most songs and it's something that keeps you glued to him because he has a bit of that Rockstar Vibe for sure.

He lets it all out and he does it the way he wants to. But guess what, it all sounds awesome.

Other songs of note are "Smile" and "Bushology" which can all be found on his Spotify and some other places as well.

The artist is also recently done some really cool collaborative work and this is well shows yet another side to his approach to writing and releasing his music.

There's plenty to dive into here, so when you do make sure you turn it up.

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