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Rock N' Roll For Your Soul With Narrow Pines

A new single from Narrow Pines rocks with a strong message and it does so with a tasteful classic rock style crossed with a genuine 90's radio rock feel.

"Human Love" talks of equality and love for one another and is complete with a heavy handed and melodic chorus that feels like a hands in the air sing-along that has been on the radio for years.

The single breeds a refreshing positivity and bright rock sound that's all performed with a great passion and gusto.

The track brings to mind a blend of Soul Asylum and Neil Young and its perfectly clear that Narrow Pines has a love for their craft.

This is rock n' roll for you soul for sure.

The single has a youthful energy and a mature songwriting style and everything comes together with a life to it that feels good to listen to.

What's most important is the message it sends and how it's been relevant for so long now its crazy.

You have to love a good rock song with so much heart and Narrow Pines pull sit off nearly perfectly.

The single has some great guitar work including some leads that fit just right and it almost feels like a live band.

You get that arena rock vibe from it and you sort of want to see this song performed right in front of you so you can belt out loud.

Either way this was a killer song with a bright undertone.

Jump into this one when you can, you won't be disappointed whatsoever.

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