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Rare Seed Brings Out A Rare Breed Of Adventure Rock

Rare Seed just dropped a full-length album that thrives off of adventurism transformed into various rock styles and what you get is an awesome musical journey that blends everything from surf, pirate, space, psych, and jam rock but all shines with heart and pretty much forces you to have a damn good time.

The Blue Basin record is packed to the brim with classic rock riffs that touch of folk rock and come together in such a way that it creates an atmosphere that is completely its own.

You never know exactly what to expect from one song to the next, but you do know it's going to have a little trippiness, and some edge to it that's going to make it both addictive and insanely danceable.

And that's the thing with this record also. You'll start shaking your ass where you sit for sure. You want to get up and dance around your living room and jump around with your arms in the air.

It's pure fun.

There are some fun little interludes that lead into more bangers and for the most part it almost feels like it's a concept album of sorts as some songs seem to connect to others in different ways.

Songs are lush and full of layered textures, and fuzz toned riffs that give them a crips edge and raspiness and it's great that guitars can have such a sharp tone while vocals can be swimming in chorus effect and floating around the song in great ways.

If you dig funk, trippy, fun, danceable, rock music that can whisk you way to other places all together, you'll love this release.

Dive in!

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