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Quaint Delusions Release Anti-Lover

Kevin DeHart (drums), Steve Dicks (bass), Roger Hughes (guitar/vocals), David Lane (lap steel), and Michael Starks (vocals, guitar, keyboards) make up Quaint Delusions, and their latest release, "Anti-Lover," is a super catchy track that deserves your attention. According to their Bandcamp page, the song delves into the theme of political divides, but it does so with a surprisingly joyful sound. Lyrics like “I need another / An anti-lover / Something I can rail against / Give me another / A pusher shover / Something that I can rub up against / Give me consequence” take a more philosophical approach to the topic, avoiding overt partisanship. Musically, "Anti-Lover" sits somewhere between The Shins and Of Montreal. 

It kicks off with a syncopated guitar strumming pattern, soon joined by piano and drums, channeling the energetic spirit reminiscent of Elliott Smith. The song expands creatively, with transitions that are both seamless and innovative. There’s a psychedelic breakdown and a country-esque guitar solo that add layers of intrigue to the track. It’s a quick listen but one that you'll likely have on repeat. From beginning to end, "Anti-Lover" is a delight. The production quality is top-notch, capturing the band's vibrant energy and tight musicianship. 

Each instrument is given space to shine, yet they all come together in a cohesive and engaging mix. This track not only showcases Quaint Delusions' musical prowess but also their ability to tackle complex themes in an accessible way. Be sure to give it a listen.

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