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PsiloMine Sun Drops a New Single

Some songs just grab you from the first note, and PsiloMine Sun’s debut single “Fall Back” is one of them. This track feels like a warm, comforting embrace that envelops you. I felt like I was being hugged by a loved one. On their website, PsiloMine Sun mentions their interest in psychedelic therapy, and while that might be an intriguing experience, you don't need any enhancement to appreciate the beauty of this song. 

“Fall Back” could stand strong with just acoustic guitar and vocals, but it’s the added atmosphere and effects that elevate it to a hyper-real, transformative piece. It strikes a fascinating balance between psychedelia, electronic, and folk influences. The guitar and bass work is impressive, but it’s the subtle elements that transform this from a great song to an amazing one. 

The lyrics are simple yet poetic, avoiding any sense of forcefulness, allowing listeners to project their own stories onto the music. It starts with the line, "There's another wall that I have to face / Every time it calls I can't look away," which almost broke me. It's followed by the lyric, "I have to fall back / and find it again / there's no right answer / to complete the end." This is, in my opinion, genius-level lyric writing. Within the span of about twenty seconds, the vocalist takes you from struggle and uncertainty to hope and light. The song bounces between this dichotomy, but the music intensifies the meaning, especially toward the crescendo that occurs later. 

The vocal performance is also striking and sounds like it could be two separate singers or possibly some kind of effect. I have to mention the bass playing, which in some ways steals the show but never overshadows the other elements. It's intricate throughout and really shines in the last thirty seconds. 

“Fall Back” is a song that will resonate with many, a testament to PsiloMine Sun’s potential as a new artist. Make sure to listen and spread the word about this fantastic debut.

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