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Pranatricks Drops a Wonderfully Honest Album

A new album release from Pranatricks delivers a variety of singer-songwriter soundscapes that all feature hints to other subgenres like pop and alternative rock for example, but what's more, is that it delivers this unique breed of honesty that paints vivid pictures as you listen and builds this character that you end up getting extremely attached to along the way.

The Elements of album is coming from an artist and songwriter that has no problem giving pieces of himself when he releases music and this is an important factor because it makes everything so incredibly authentic and you know that these songs for the most part, came from real life experiences or actual thoughts and emotional drive that the artist had to begin with and listening to this full album from start to finish makes me feel like a lot of this was cathartic for him to write and release.

This is indeed the type of record that you want to listen to in full because if you only listen to one or two tracks from this album then you're not really getting the full spectrum of what it has to offer.

Some of these tracks are acoustic singer-songwriter, while others have distorted guitar and drums, and some of them even have a little bit of a Roots folk approach but it all has this heart and this realness that always comes through with that personality.

There are definitely more than a few surprises around the corners of this record and as you go through it, you'll get hints of Indie pop, indie rock, and contemporary pop even, but it all has little hints of edginess and this great vocal approach that lets him layer and double his vocals while he's performing the song, so everything has more of a full-bodied feel.

Some tracks have a southern soul to them even and there are definitely some songs here that feel like they have a cinematic backbone to an extent.

You even get a wide range of instrumentation as you go through the record as there are tracks that feature live drums, trumpets, and more.

In the end, this album is a sort of diary where the songs have strange ways of interconnecting almost like a concept album would but instead, they serve almost like chapters in the artist's life.

When you listen to the whole album it serves as an amazing escape because it pulls you away from your surroundings and puts you in someone else's life for a little bit and that to me is extremely connective.

We live in such a single-based society these days that it's completely refreshing to have an album in full that speaks so much volume for the creator and has so many personal attributes to it.

These are the elements that make this record so genuine and why you end up getting wrapped up in everything and eventually washed away with it all as well.

Outstanding songwriting and just this very different kind of honesty that shines through and a lot of the songs that have a way of grabbing your attention.

I love a record that feels this real.

The album certainly had a great effect on me, and I suggest you listen to this, again, from start to finish if you can, it's only about 40 minutes long if that.

I also think you should do this one with headphones on because then you can soak in everything that's going on lyrically especially but also musically as well.

Remember where you heard it first.

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