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Mike and Mandy Deliver A Cinematic Pop SIngle

A new single from Mike and Mandy hits a certain cinematic sweet spot that is laced with a pop soundscape that comes through ever building and with anthemic courses that all have a way of hinting at this wonderful retro pop-oriented undertone and is done with a lush intensity that becomes quickly infectious.

"Timeworn" has this genuine personality and character to it that helps the song become more and more driving as it plays on and that hook or chorus, if you will, really has a way of sticking with you for a long time after the song has ended.

It has a certain slight haunt to it in a way and that's part of what grabs at you.

The track is indeed full-bodied and lush, but it doesn't start off that way. It grows and bills into that full feel and it's that build that makes it as intense as it actually feels by the end.

You definitely get the sense that this is coming from something authentic. It has a little bit of that emotionally driven since to it which is part of why it sounds cinematic as well.

The single is wonderfully arranged and beautifully woven together with such a sense of attention to detail but even with all of that, it never loses its actual soul.

This is the kind of song that you can tell the people involved have a true love for their craft because the song is done with thought behind it and that is something that you can actually hear on the track itself.

What's also great about this one is that the vocals have a way of growing and becoming a little bit more intense as the song does musically so together Mike and Mandy are able to create this certain atmosphere that you become a little bit engulfed in.

I definitely love songs like this because they give you that sense of escapism and they take you into their little world for a bit.

I think we all need songs that we can relate to and that can cause our own thoughts or even emotions to be triggered at times.

And I don't mean triggered in a bad way I just mean that when you listen to a song like this sometimes memories of your own can pop into your head at random.

That's happening because the song is having an effect on you, and I think we just need more songs that can do that.

There is this contemporary pop feel behind the overall sound of the track, but I think that that helps its catchiness, and that sensibility is something that you find you don't want to let go of as the song plays on.

Now, if you find that you really dig this track which I'm sure you will, you can definitely find at the very least a handful of other really great singles in their catalog which they've been putting out on Spotify since early 2020.

The fun in that is also seeing how they have evolved as songwriters and even as people possibly by going through the catalog.

Definitely start with "Timeworm" because it tells you where they're at now with their sound and that's really important.

All in all, this was a really outstanding single that has a way of creeping up on you and I would suggest listening to this one with headphones.

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