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Mad Painter Drops Two New Singles And Videos

Two new killer singles were just released from Mad Painter and they each have something different offer up in the way of rock but keep true to the staple sound Mad Painter gives off in the first place.

The first of the two singles is dubbed "Rock and Roll Samurai" and its righteous heavy organs and guitars give it a great classic rock sheen and it's got an interesting story to tell as the band launches into this rock opus of sorts.

The band boasts some outstanding live drum solos and breakdowns as the bass walks and the whole thing gives a massive sonic presence in general.

The song gives such a powerful pirate rock style live performance feeling that you actually do feel like you've just watched them perform this one in yourn face and it rocked your socks off.

This is portrayed even better with the accompanying video which you can watch below.

The second of the two singles is called "Illusion", and this one features some crushing rhythms and key solos that all really help create an atmosphere all its own.

The track has a major theatrical aspect to it just as "Rock and Roll Samurai" does.

There is a story to tell from a certain perspective and it brings forth a hell of a rock energy and gusto that isn't easily forgotten.

Ther songs are impactful and massive as they rock with a vast sound and memorable vocal melodies and backing harmonies.

Keys and organs are always a key factor on the songs and part of that sound these guys put out.

Some ripping guitar and key solos bounce back and forth and really just give it their all as you get taken back by the intense call backs between the two.

This is everything you want out of a hard classic rock banger, and it's all pulled off without a hitch.

Dig into this one here as well.

Mad Painter takes you for a real deal rock ride with all the bells and whistles attached. So be ready!

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