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Liquid Pennies Returns With A Driving Single

Liquid Pennies returns with a massive new track that features some of their staple soundscape of gigantic fuzz tone and melody brought together in a thrashing and almost grunge-like approach and the whole thing hits like a sucker punch to the gut and the best way is possible.

This track has such outstanding guitar work all over it including all kinds of harmonies, great effects, some greasy and gritty feedback here and there, and all of that gives the song this drive that's unstoppable right from the beginning of it.

"Doom Doubt" it's a track I have been waiting for and now that it's here it hit way more sweet spots than I expected it to because not only does it come in with this fierce, heavy, and sonically lush guitar tone, but halfway through the track it hits this build that feels more vast because they put reverb on the vocals so they're very distanced, the whole thing becomes calming and you get vocals that are harmonizing as that calm slowly builds until you realize just before it happens that this is the calm before that final bang at the end.

These guys naturally have the feel of a band watching live because the energy and just the style and approach of how they do their songs feels completely like a live performance and part of that has to do with the drumming.

I need to talk about this for just a minute because this is such an imperative piece of the Liquid Pennies puzzle.

The guys are known to be a little bit out of the ordinary, put out music that's outside the box, and give off a drive that you almost can't believe when you hear it but a huge part of that has to do with the drumming because the way it's performed is classic like a cross between '90s alternative rock and old school classic rock with balls like MC5 or something like that.

You have these drum fills in tiny spaces and the way that they build the main riff of the song at times is around that factor because you get a stop-go type of situation with the riff hitting some chords and then stopping so that the drums can do a crazy fill really quick and then back to the riff, and they repeat that a little bit.

These are the kinds of things that make it feel like a live performance because the whole track has attitude and balls and that's the kind of thing that you look for and something this heavy, but the thing is, it's also incredibly melodic.

This isn't heavy metal. This isn't the kind of heavy that is crunching or has tons of palm-muted parts.

This is the kind of heavy that gives off melodically driven riffs but with a fire so that everything is just slammed, and the instruments are getting a beat down.

I enjoyed how the vocals work with all the heaviness of the music itself and that breakdown in the middle of the track shows a different side of their songwriting approach which I loved.

We're no strangers to Liquid Pennies and this track still blew me away.

Turn nice and loud and remember where you heard it first.

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