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Lance Mills Releases Green Mountain Saturday

If you want to listen to an eclectic amalgamation of genres that are done right, then I have a special treat for you today. Green Mountain Saturday Night by Lance Mills is a throwback to some of my personal favorite genres that I’ve been listening to for over five decades.

From the lively rockabilly swing of "Hi-Way 5 Drive In Saturday Night," evoking nostalgic 50s imagery, to the ZZ Top-esque vibes of "Brushwood Road," Mills effortlessly hits the mark. Dive deeper into the album to discover the poignant country warmth of "I Let Her Fall" or immerse yourself in the contemplative glow of "Jessie's Song." Then there’s “Ghost Shadow” and this one is haunting in a 60’s type of way. I’m ninety percent sure that the main instrument was an organ but for a couple it sounds like theremin. It could be both. Any rate the song was exceptional.

What sets this album apart is its ability to evoke a myriad of emotions, creating an ebb and flow reminiscent of the human experience. Mills captures the essence of bygone eras while delivering a timely and refreshing musical experience. "Green Mountain Saturday Night" arrived precisely when I needed it, offering a dose of musical nostalgia that resonated with me. For those yearning for a connection to the past, this album serves as a therapeutic remedy. In every aspect, this album is really nothing short of fantastic, and my recommendation cannot be emphasized enough.

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