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Kristin Flammio & the Pretty Bitchin Drop a 4/20 Banger!

A new single release from Kristin Flammio & The Pretty Bitchin comes through as a heartfelt pop-rock banger that serves as a sort of love song and does so with a unique persona and approach that hits colorful tones but with a great gritty and slightly edgy feel and the combination of those two things is part of what makes this song so special.

"Never Too High" comes in with an excitable and energetic vibe that becomes quickly infectious and the whole thing feels really good to listen to because it is indeed a sort of love song, and it does wrap itself around you in a certain way and sticks with you for a very long time after it's over.

The whole tonality of this track gives the air of a live performance and that's basically because of how the energy comes across but it's the guitar tones and this sort of Americana undertone that peeks through every once in a while, that really grabs you.

This track has such a vivacious attitude and such a brightness to it, but it also bends genres at free will in a certain way and that is what attracts me to the song a lot.

That chorus hits hard and the whole thing has a great heart that you end up holding on to.

I definitely love that sort of classic songwriting approach that they give this track because it does feel like a song that could have been written in the '60s or 70s at times and it brings that soul and deep Groove with it along with the heavier rock vibes.

You can hear certain influences coming through and different parts of the song and this makes it endlessly fun, but it also has a particular charm to it and is incredibly danceable and makes you want to get off the couch and dance around the living room.

This is a great example of a band that's able to take this almost vintage songwriting approach and bring it into an updated playing field and soundscape because it has drive, and a lot of it for that matter but it also sticks to this aesthetic of old school songwriting that gives it that rounded and unique style.

Even the way the guitars are played at times gives that vintage feel but on top of that, there are these vocals that are just robust and bountiful coming right at you with all this heart and shining presence, so you get drawn into this whole vibe right off the bat, but the song only gets better the longer you listen to it.

The track is released on 4/20 so I'm sure you get what the track is hinting at very bluntly. See what I did there?

Songs like this are keepers because they make you feel good when you listen to them so you want to play them first thing in the morning so that it can kind of direct your vibe for the day and believe me, if you do this it will change your mindset to a fun, loving, charismatic and positive one because that's what the song gives off.

This is a track that has multiple meanings behind it but also a universal one and to get what I mean; you're just going to have to listen to the song.

Celebrate 4/20 with this fun and energetic banger the first thing you do because I'm 100% sure you won't regret it anytime soon and keep an eye out for this band because I'm sure they're going to be rolling out new singles in the near future and they'll all be worth your time.

As a matter of fact, we're not strangers to them and this song still blew us away so I would suggest you actually check out some of what they've released before.

As always, remember where you heard it first.

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