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Kingdom of Mustang Releases Glad Days Record

Kingdom of Mustang are from  Charlottesville, VA and bring together the musical talents of Mark Roebuck, Tim Ryan, Rusty Speidel, and Michael Clarke. Their extensive discography culminates in their latest offering, Glad Days, an album that finds its groove in a blend of classic influences and contemporary sensibilities. 

Drawing inspiration from legends like The Beatles and The Byrds, Glad Days weaves in threads of power pop, punk, and alternative rock. Attentive listeners will appreciate the subtle shifts in style throughout the album, but the band’s penchant for crafting inviting melodies remains a constant. 

Each track is a testament to their dedication to melody, making the album a treasure trove for those who appreciate well-crafted tunes. The unpretentious and buoyant nature of Glad Days makes it an ideal soundtrack for summer festivities, whether you're at a festival, hosting a BBQ, or simply commuting. 

The fourteen tracks are polished, meticulously rehearsed, and radiate the sheer joy the band clearly had during recording. This is an album to hit play and let it run its course. While there are variations in style, the overarching mood is consistently upbeat and spirited, creating a cohesive emotional experience. 

Standout tracks like “Say Hey To Blue,” “And Then The King Of Hearts,” and “The Best Thing” highlight the band's ability to deliver memorable hooks and infectious energy. Kingdom of Mustang is in top form on Glad Days, making it a must-have for your summer playlist. Don’t wait—dive into this collection of sun-soaked anthems and let the good times roll.

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