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Kevin Zarnett - Letting You Break My Heart

Don't miss out on Kevin Zarnett's latest single, "Letting You Break My Heart." This captivating song combines the spirited essence of The Byrds with the soulful vibe of Motown, blending a resonant 12-string electric guitar with an energetic and lively rhythm. Filled with heartwarming harmonies, captivating background vocals and distinctive guitar riffs, the composition pays tribute to the unsung heroes of pop rock, including Big Star, The Raspberries and Marshall Crenshaw. As you listen to the recording, you'll discover delightful moments that catch your ear, thoughtfully placed to enhance the overall arrangement.

This song opens with a captivating blend of guitar and bass, followed by a resonating rhythm section. Zarnett's vocals shine, adding an enchanting quality to the composition. The groove reflects influences from the late '60s while showcasing Zarnett's distinctive style. The track has a warm and inviting quality that feels both familiar and nostalgic. It's a delightful listen that captures the essence of the era with its skilled musicianship and heartfelt delivery.

The song's vocal harmonies create a captivating experience, drawing the listener in. As the track unfolds, it builds towards a climax with recurring melodies that grow in intensity, culminating in a finely executed guitar solo that brings a satisfying close. This composition beautifully combines elements of familiarity and innovation, seamlessly blending genres as Zarnett infuses the music with a contemporary edge and unique vision. There is much to admire in this artistic creation, showcasing Zarnett's talent and skill as a musician.

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