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Jimi C & The Waves Release a Colorful New Single

A fresh new release from Jimi C & The Waves brings out a colorful and eclectic vibe that feels open and breezy with an addictive character to it that really reaches out and grabs you and it all takes you out of where you are and puts you in a different place altogether within seconds flat.

"Run Away" brings out a very memorable course that through almost anthemic in a way and this hook has a very particular approach so that it stays bouncing around in your brain for hours after it's ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to the song again which in my opinion, is very smart song writing although I think it comes to this band naturally.

This track features lush and layered vocals that harmonize and bounce off of each other creating an atmosphere that you just don't want to leave.

The single also has a wonderful way of building as more instrumentation sort of comes into play later on in the song and you get these since and keys along with the live drums and guitar work and the whole thing comes through like a pop-rock single but with a sort of lighter vibe to it.

This track has an amazing presence and lets everyone in the band sort of feed off of each other's energies making the track almost feel like it's performed live on the floor.

Pretty much everything about this has a certain polish and Sheen to it but it also has a bit of heart, and you can tell if there was a lot of love that went into the actual production and creative process when making the song, but it never loses that character or that persona that you get right from the beginning.

What really gets me about this track is how it's performed vocally because it's got such a pop-oriented feel and it's amazing how he uses vocals almost like instruments in the background not only to harmonize but to create another rhythm in the song that gives it even more of a groove.

You can also tell that everyone involved is having a damn good time making this track and that energy and feel comes through in the aesthetic of the song and when you listen to it you feel good afterwards.

This is one of those tracks that you want to listen to first thing in the morning because believe me, it's going to set the mood for the rest of the day, and this is a great mood to put yourself in.

This releases absolutely lush with instrumentation and has that wonderful build to it so that by that last chorus, it's just massive and the sonic presence across the whole thing is addictive.

To me, songs like this feel orchestrated because so much went into it and there are so many layers of melody, rhythm, and instruments that to be able to piece it together and make it have such a natural flow must be very difficult I would imagine.

All in all, this truck has charisma, electric energy, a brightness to it that you can't look away from and loads of character that you end up latching on to very quickly.

This was a very well-woven pop single that came through with fewer boundaries than the norm and I really enjoy that.

Take a listen to this as soon as you can and remember where you heard it first.

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