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Hello London Returns with a Fuzztone Maxi Single

The latest release from Hello London delivers a bit of a new and refreshing sound with a bright pop-rock approach that blends in elements of pop-punk as well and does so with the vivacious energy and a colorful vocal approach that creates a sound that's really sort of addicting and feels like summertime.

The first track of this Maxi single is called " Change of Pace" and in true Hello London fashion the track does bear some personal thoughts and in doing so creates that character that we love so much with a lot of these releases.

Of the two tracks released this one is the one that holds that pop-punk feel a lot and does so with a great fuzz tone guitar style and soundscape but also comes through with these great guitar hooks that do an amazing job of creating that fun and poppy overtone all the while the lyrics have a little bit more of a serious tone and this is a great combination and always has been for a lot of pop music in the form of punk, rock, and even post-punk.

I do love the feel and vibe of this track because it has such a great energy to it, and it feels like a bright summer-style single that works super well for right now of course.

Having said that, "All I Want Is a Road to Take", the second track on the release takes the cake for me because it's got this great garage rock feel that blends bands like Blink-182 with bands like Weezer, and that combination is brilliant because he does that while taking a fresh approach to it all and bringing his personality to the table.

What's cool about this is that it almost has a little bit of a different guitar tone to it so that it matches the style and approach that he was going for on this track in particular.

The vocal melodies on this one are so catchy and the funny thing is it's the verses that really have that massive catchiness to them so, it makes you wonder if the verse melodies were the ones that were written first.

Once again, this track also has some personal thought process behind it in terms of him shedding light on some personal struggles and talks about falling and getting back up which is something that we all deal with but the way that this is portrayed on the track is so straightforward and blunt that it feels like you're sitting down and just talking with a friend.

This is something you don't come across often because it's so personal but so unfiltered and I think that takes a lot when you're writing a song to be able to just express yourself like you're sitting down talking to someone you know.

Both of these tracks stand very tall and speak volumes for the artist.

Hello London is helmed by James Froese who delivers these catchy pop rock sounds and as far as we can tell it seems like he performs a lot of the instrumentation and certainly writes everything himself.

This is a little bit mind-blowing because you think about how something comes from a vision to fruition in terms of a song.

It makes me wonder how close the song ended up being to what he had in his head before it was even written.

Then again James has been doing this for quite some time so at this point it might just come naturally for him.

This is definitely a great release to jam out to especially if you're a fan of great pop and indie rock with garage fuzz tonality and honesty.

Take to this one when you can and turn it nice and loud because you certainly won't regret it.

Remember where you heard it first.

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