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Hard Rooster Drops a Driving Southern Single

A single release from Hard Rooster delivers a robust and vivacious classic rock and Americana soundscape that borders on that roots country approach and comes through with a heavy-handed character and this electric energy that makes it feel good to listen to.

"Drivin' My Life Away" feels like an instant classic and it's got the feel and vibe of a live performance almost as if it was recorded live on the floor and everyone involved was just feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

One of the things I absolutely love about this track is its genuine classic rock aesthetic with colorful vocal harmonies and southern twang guitar solos that really make the sound feel so full-bodied and lush.

This is a keep-on-truckin' kind of song, and that aesthetic comes through super well but that's those country roots showing face and the song brings in several not just genres but influences that combine to create this atmosphere that makes you want to dance and sing along.

The whole track comes through endlessly fun and even if I'm wrong about the whole live on the floor thing, listening to this single makes you want to go see them perform it live in your face because if you can capture that kind of energy on record this well, then seeing it live must be amazing.

Although the vocals give this track so much personality, the guitars do as well and the performance across the board guitar-wise is ridiculous because you can feel those blues and southern tones and licks just oozing out of every note.

This genuine sort of aesthetic is perfected here, and you can tell these guys have been at it for a long time and have a real love for the craft.

When I say that, I don't just mean playing guitar or singing, playing drums or bass, I mean the craft of writing songs together and putting them out to the world so that you can feel good and dance along with them.

That love for the craft shines through massively and that's probably because these guys are just a group of friends who have a love for writing songs and making music together.

This whole vibe and feel comes through the entire time and that's why this song feels so damn good.

Upon listening to this track I had to take a little bit of a deep dive into the band's back catalog and I'm glad that I did because on Spotify I found an EP released in 2022 that was outstanding and a handful of other singles that are more recent like this one, but they all have this great drive and all of it makes you just want to spread the word.

This is an amazing track in particular, to listen to first thing in the morning because it will set the tone for the day and that's going to be a very uplifted one.

The drumming is perfect with these killer rolling snares that help nail the approach and also give the song a lively soundscape.

The song has spirit because the whole band has spirit because they love what they're doing every second they are doing it.

Definitely check this track out and while you ride it check out some of their previous and newer releases as well because there's something for anyone who loves righteous and feel-good country and Americana, heartland rock.

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