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Goth Goth Drop A New LP

A brand spanking new full album release from Goth Goth hits a crossover of classic post-punk, alternative pop, punk rock, and even indie rock that all come together to build an atmosphere that makes you want to dance, sing along, or just float with the vibes half the time.

The Degradation Pink album is packed with surprises, danceable rhythms, great edginess, and inventive guitar work that make this thing lush and full-bodied but also with a great attitude.

I love the sheer fact that every track that comes on after the last has something new to offer but there's still a glue that holds everything together and keeps it very confluent and that has a lot to do with that persona and character that this record actually gives off.

It's great to hear an album that has this kind of character so big and right in your face the entire time because it's something that I've missed in music for a long time, I think.

One of the other things I really loved about this was the energy levels because they're dynamically balanced throughout the whole record, and you get the feeling that some of these were recorded live on the floor because it's like everyone in the band is feeding off of each other the entire time.

There is something that gives me this almost nostalgic feeling when I listen to this record as well and I think that has to do with those post-punk elements and how they come through a lot throughout the record.

There's just as much color as there is edginess on this release and you can tell this is put together by a group of people that have an absolute love for their craft because that comes through with every no plate and every second passed.

You get a lot of surprises vocally as well along with loads of hooks that stick in your head for hours or even days after the songs have ended which to me is just smart songwriting because the only way to satiate that is to listen to the songs again.

I think for this band, that element comes naturally and it's just them taking their different influences and creating something new with them which is a beautiful thing.

You can also tell they had a ton of fun making this record because listening to it is just a damn good time and along with that you get a little bit of an escape so when the record is over you kind of have to shake it off to come back to your own reality.

There are definitely about a handful of songs that stick out super well to me as singles, however having said that, I do feel like this is the type of album you want to listen to from start to finish because it almost feels like it could be a concept album of sorts.

The way to really soak this in and engulf yourself in it is to listen to it in full with headphones on if you ask me.

Either way you do it, when you're done you kind of want to see this band live just so you can get down with the vibes in that setting.

Some of this record has a little bit of a haunt to it and a touch of that actual gothic undertone but it also has this cinematic backbone to it as well and you can definitely hear these songs in numerous films or TV shows even.

I think it's because these songs kind of take you on little musical Journeys.

The album has plenty of layers to be peeled back and it's really fun to actually do that while you're listening, and this is the type of record that you should listen to more than once honestly.

You just get drawn into the whole character of the songs and how they're delivered.

Also, not for nothing, but the drumming is outstanding and really gives the record the exact drive or subtleties that it needs throughout the songs to make them feel alive and breathing.

This was an absolutely killer record and I look forward to whatever Goth Goth release is next and I do think this is the kind of band you should keep an eye out for as it's well worth your time and playlists to say the least.

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