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Get engulfed by A Sight In Veracity's new single

A fresh new track from A Sight In Veracity hits a melodic and progressive cross between alternative rock and pop with melodic and bright vocals along with grungy fuzztone guitars that all layer together to create an atmosphere that feels all its own.

"Not Even For A Second?" breeds familiar sounds and influences melted together for a different a unique style and an absolutely massive soundscape.

The track features textured guitars that become almost anthemic and a tonality that feels like a late 90's underground alt-rock song as the track does fall into its heavier sections before jumping back into a melodic and powerful set of changes.

The single is heavy and feels like running in slow motion towards something you want.

It's got drive and a youthful energy that bleeds through the entire course of playthrough and it hits that alt-pop sweet spot just right.

This is a wonderfully masterful song that comes through with strength while still having a little bit of a submissive approach and aesthetic.

It doesn't attack you head on. It creeps up on you and crawls under your skin in the best ways possible and before you know it, you've stopped whatever it was you were doing to soak in this track.

That's kind of special. The fact that you become sort of addicted to this song by half way through it.

It has a personality and character that seems to feel relatable and does it all with a rock tone that has a distant familiarity to it.

Outstanding piece from and up and coming band, check our "Not Even For A Second?" by A Sight In Veracity.

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