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Faith Harris Gives A Passionate And Deepening Performance

Faith Harris just gave us a very personal and powerful ballad that peers into her inner self and comes through with an inspiring undertone.

"Last As I Was" is a beautifully woven and passionately performed single that has the ability to engulf you from the first few seconds you hear her alluring and soulful voice.

The track feels alive and breathing as she tells her story with detail and emotionally driven context while her approach is undeniably heartfelt and real.

This is part of why the artist is so addicting to listen to. You can hear her letting something out in her music.

This release spares at no expense in terms of laying it all out for all to hear.

She wears heart on her sleeve and it all can really wash you away within minutes.

The song boasts tastefully performed piano and the while things builds and grows as it plays on giving it that gorgeous overtone that sticks with you days later.

This song is incredibly moving and cinematic with its bountiful tonality and it all wraps itself around you and holds tight.

It's best to just let it happen as it feels warming and with great inspiration in its own way.

This is one for the books and Faith Harris has that classic pure and genuine passionate vocalist approach that makes it worth your time and playlists to say the least.

This is best with headphones by yourself.

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