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Eye 5 Senses Delivers A Hard Hitting Single With "Whiskey Sipper"

A single release from Eye 5 Senses hits that sweet spot between rock and deep funk and it's all done with a gritty swagger that really reaches high octane explosive pinnacles and climaxes that feed into the atmosphere of is all.

"Whiskey Sipper" is presented with a hell of an attitude and beckons a sort of underground 90's alternative tonality and it comes and goes like whiplash.

This song is like a sucker punch to the gut and boasts such a rioting good time it's completely addicting.

Just the whole attitude and vibe of it is nearly perfected. It's like the band is at one end of the bar and the whiskey sipper is at the other.

It feels like a soiree of sorts but with crazy funk key performances and a heavy-handed rock chorus that touches of an aggressively fueled approach. And it all works without a hitch.

The vocals have character and really add to the songs heaviness and at times it feels like a like performance. That or you can just picture a live performance from these guys, and it's got that same grit to it.

"Whiskey Sipper" brings a number of sub-genres of rock and more into one fat song and from what we're told, there is a full EP or full length releasing from Eye 5 Senses this year so keep an ear out for that as hopefully it'll have more of this style all over it.

For now, dig into "Whiskey Sipper" and you won't soon be disappointed.



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